Date Event Time
03/01/2013 Timing is everything – Phenology and Climate in Ireland 8:00 PM
12/01/2013 Whale Watch at Hook Head 11:00 AM
07/02/2013 “National Parks and Wildlife Service and Wildlife Law in Wexford” 8:00 PM
09/02/2013 Hints and tips to improve your wildlife recording skills 2:00 PM
15/02/2013 – 15/02/2014 Garden Walk & Bird Ringing Demonstration at Barnland, Killinierin. 11:00 AM
07/03/2013 “The Great Wild Goose Chase: identifying likely causes of the Greenland White-fronted Goose population decline” 8:00 PM
09/03/2013 Field trip to see geese on the North Slob 1:00 PM
04/04/2013 The Wonderful World of Snails – note change of venue 8:00 PM
13/04/2013 Field trip to look at snails and other wildlife- Note time change 12pm 12:00 PM
02/05/2013 "Foraging Eurasian Badgers (Meles meles) and the presence of cattle in pasture. Do badgers avoid cattle?" 8:00 PM
11/05/2013 Dragonfly Identification Workshop 10:00 AM
22/05/2013 International Biodiversity Day walks to explore the natural history of Wexford Town. 7:00 PM
06/06/2013 “Chasing the Painted Lady” 8:00 PM
08/06/2013 Bumblebee Identification Workshop 10:00 AM
22/06/2013 Coach trip to Co. Kildare to visit Pollardstown Fen and the Bog of Allen Nature Centre, Lullymore 12:00 AM
04/07/2013 “Birds of Ireland – Facts, Folklore & History” 8:00 PM
13/07/2013 Walk with Larry and Elizabeth Doyle to look at wildlife in a rural garden. 2:00 PM
27/07/2013 Bio Blitz at Jamestown Nature Reserve 10:00 AM
01/08/2013 “Ned Wickham’s Rosslare Whale” 8:00 PM
10/08/2013 Moth and Bat Night at Irish National Heritage Park 9:30 PM
30/08/2013 Club BBQ Friday 30th Aug 5:00 PM
05/09/2013 “A Year in the Life of a Freelance Ecologist – a look at what an ecologist does” 8:00 PM
14/09/2013 Conservation works with NPWS – Raven Woods 2:00 PM
03/10/2013 “Traditional Hedgerow Management and Conservation” 8:00 PM
12/10/2013 Coach trip to Stradbally, Co. Laois to visit managed woodland 9:00 AM
07/11/2013 "The Decline of the Grey Squirrel and the Recovery of the Pine Marten in the Midlands" 8:00 PM
09/11/2013 Field trip to see winter waterbirds at Bannow Bay 12:30 PM
05/12/2013 “Surveying for Otters in South East Ireland” 8:00 PM
14/12/2013 Winter Wildlife Ramble 1:30 PM
02/01/2014 "The Lonely Bat of Wexford – Discovery of Greater Horseshoe Bat in Co. Wexford" 8:00 PM

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