Date Event Time
07/03/2019 Gerald Barrett–Hamilton Memorial Lecture “100 Years of Bat Research in Ireland” by Dr Caroline Shiel, Ecologist. 8:00 PM
09/03/2019 Field trip to identify wetland birds at Tacumshin Lake with Dave Daly 2:00 PM
05/04/2019 “What Lies Beneath: assessing the health of Ireland’s rivers and lakes under the Water Framework Directive” by Dr Hugh Feeley, EPA. 8:00 PM
06/04/2019 Field trip to check water quality on the River Lask with Dr Hugh Feeley 10:00 AM
02/05/2019 Wexford Library’s Chris Wilson Memorial Lecture “The Secret Life of Crows” by Ricky Whelan 7:00 PM
11/05/2019 Walk in Killoughrim Wood, Caim, with Helen Cloney 10:30 AM
12/05/2019 Dawn Chorus event with Dave Daly at Raven Wood Nature Reserve 12:00 AM
06/06/2019 “Whittled Away: Ireland’s Vanishing Nature” by Pádraic Fogarty 12:00 AM
08/06/2019 Guided boat trip around the Saltee Islands with Jim Hurley 12:00 AM
22/06/2019 Ant Identification Workshop with Prof. John Breen and Dr Tomás Murray 10:00 AM
04/07/2019 “Pollinators, plants and use of pesticides: implications for the delivery of pollination services” by Dr Dara Stanley 8:00 PM
13/07/2019 BioBlitz at Monksgrange, Rathnure (S825 414). 10:00 AM
01/08/2019 “Hedgerows: history, mythology, wildlife corridors” by Eoin Donnelly 8:00 PM
10/08/2019 Coach trip to see how woodland management practices benefit nature at Carrigmore Farm, Co. Wicklow with Christian Osthoff 12:00 AM
05/09/2019 “Turloughs – vanishing fields or vanishing lakes” by Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington 8:00 PM
21/09/2019 Seaweed foraging at Baginbun with Maria Power 2:00 PM
03/10/2019 “In Search of the Origins of the Irish Flora – A Genetic Perspective” by Dr Colin Kelleher 8:00 PM
12/10/2019 Botanical walk in Kelly’s Wood, Oaklands, New Ross with Paula O’Meara 11:00 AM
07/11/2019 “Curlews in Crisis: could we really lose the Curlew from Ireland?” by Dr Barry O’Donoghue 8:00 PM
09/11/2019 Birdwatching at Grange, Fethard-on-Sea with Liam Ryan 11:00 AM
05/12/2019 “Pondering on Portugal: how nature tourism works to revive a dying town” by Dave Daly 8:00 PM
14/12/2019 Tracks and trails through Jamestown Nature Reserve with Will Warham 1:30 PM