Records Policy

Records Policy


One of the objectives of the Wexford Naturalists’ Field Club (WNFC) is “to collect and record information regarding the natural history of County Wexford.”

When recording: respect species, habitat and property.


The purpose of keeping records locally is for: historical archives, availability to researchers and ease of access for any future publications by the Club.  Members are encouraged to contribute their records to existing national and international recording schemes. In addition, members are encouraged to contribute these same records to the Club Records Officer.  Records submitted to the Club remain the property of the observer.

Encouraging record submission

The Club will hold regular identification workshops to help increase the knowledge, confidence and motivation of members.  The Club will also run specific recording schemes, e.g. dragonflies, hedge survey, bioblitz, and members are encouraged to participate in these.  Participants on WNFC field trips and outings will be encouraged to note anything of interest and report it to the Records Officer (see below for submission of records).  In addition, all records obtained outside Club activities are of value and should be submitted to the Club.

Recording criteria

As far as possible, everything should be identified to species.  Most recording schemes will not accept records with generalized identification e.g. wasp, hoverfly, bumblebee.  The minimum information needed for a record is: species name, quantity seen, place name, grid reference, date.

Validation and verification

All records will be checked and validated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Further clarification, e.g. photo, may be requested from the observer.

Storage of records

A list of records submitted by the Club, and which have been validated, will be requested from the National Biodiversity Data Centre annually and will be entered by the Club Records Officer into MapMate biological recording software and will be regularly backed up.

Any record that cannot be positively identified will be recorded and stored as “undetermined”. If further information is received the record will be reviewed.

Submission of records

Recorders are encouraged to submit records through the WNFC online recording form

Alternatively, a manual recording form can be downloaded and submitted to the Records Officer by email, post, by hand or dropped into the records/suggestion box at every lecture.  Record Forms will also be available at each meeting.  Records can also be posted on our Facebook page.

Interesting records will be published on the Club website and on Social Media.

Use of records

Records submitted by recorders may be published by the WNFC in book form, on our website, on social media or in any other media considered suitable by the Committee.  By submitting records to the Club, permission to publish the records shall be deemed as having been given.  Other persons or agencies wishing to use the records should request permission from the Club and acknowledge the Club as the source of the data.  The WNFC Committee will consider requests for data on merit. As all records will be forwarded to the NBDC, and may be published by that body or forwarded by it to other agencies or individuals for publication, permission for this is also implicit in the submission of records to the WNFC.


This policy was adopted by the WNFC Committee on 12th January 2017 and will be reviewed regularly.