Records February 2020


The following is a selection of records received during the month.


A Greater White-toothed Shrew was found dead in Caim on 21st. This species, which is larger than our native Pygmy Shrew, was first recorded in Ireland in 2008. There is one known previous record from the county. Irish Hare was seen in Woodgraigue, Duncormick on 20th and in Hayestown on 22nd.


Great Spotted Woodpeckers were seen on bird feeders in Garrylough, Screen and near Talbot Hall, New Ross throughout the month. A Kingfisher was seen at Tintern Abbey on 27th. Grey Wagtails were seen in Longraigue, Foulksmills on 7th and 9th. Also in Longraigue a Raven was seen on 11th, a Jay on 12th and 40 Goldfinches were seen on 16th and 21st.


Frogspawn was recorded on 1st at Harristown, Ballymitty and Longraigue. In Springmount, Killanne on 6th, Monglass, Caim on 11th, Sarshill, Kilmore on 17th, Holdmanhill, Duncormick on 22nd and Rackardstown, Kilmore on 25th. Five Lizards were seen in Newtown, Killanne on 26th. Lizards had been recorded from this general area eleven days earlier in 2019.


Honeybee and Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) were recorded at Glenglass, Killanne on 27th.


A Peacock was disturbed from a woodpile in Coolcotts, Wexford on 4th.


7-spot Ladybird was recorded in Longraigue on 20th and Newtown, Killanne on 26th.


Green Shieldbug in Glenglass on 27th

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