Welcome to our Updated Website


The Wexford Naturalists’ Field Club is happy to announce the launch of the Club’s updated website, which has been revamped and upgraded.  It is hoped that members and the public will have easier access to all areas of the site from recording, events etc.  I would like to thank Jimmy Goodwin for his sterling work and Marion Brady, the Club’s web manager for working so well with him over the past few months. Lastly I would like to thank all the committee for their help and advice. 

The updated website https://www.wexfordnaturalists.com/ is now more user friendly and safe.  It is easier to see new reports and announcements, which now appear on the Home page.  Some of the pages are the same as before:  Newsletters, Membership, Recording and About.   Recording can be accessed on mobile and tablet from the little down arrow beside ‘Recording’ on the menu.  The Events calendar has been updated with the programme from August to the year end, but of course, because of Covid 19 these may not take place.  The committee will keep you informed of any changes.  The home page has links to next events , reports and announcements.  The pictures will be changed more often on the site now as this has been made easier, so if you want some of your pictures featured , please send them in.  The gallery is much easier to see now and we intend to update the pictures and organise them better in the near future.  If you find any problems with the site please let a committee member know as soon as possible. 


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